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Taxes for Small Businesses QuickStart Guide

Taxes for Small Businesses, Simplified
A business that neglects its taxes is a business living on borrowed time. But there’s no need to despair. Getting your business on the right side of its tax burden is easier than you think. This QuickStart Guide from ClydeBank Business will help you lay the groundwork of a sustainable business tax strategy. You’ll learn how to proactively minimize your tax obligations and how to maneuver your way out of trouble should you ever fall behind. 
This best-selling QuickStart Guide form ClydeBank Business—still in its first year of publication—has already helped countless small business owners and managers boost their tax IQs and protect their bottom lines. Following in tradition with other titles from ClydeBank Business, the Taxes for Small Businesses QuickStart Guide beautifully simplifies complex ideas and presents on-point information using a style that’s accessible, easy to follow and easy to reference. 
To help you further hone your newfound skills as a business tax expert, we’ve included an interactive tax deduction quiz at the end of the QuickStart Guide, along with a comprehensive glossary of terms for easy reference.
You'll Learn…

How Your Business Entity-Type Affects How You’re Taxed
How To Capitalize on the Shockingly Humane Tendencies of the IRS How To Exercise Your Rights And Survive An IRS Audit
How Multiple Levels of Government Authorities Can Tax Your Business
How To Convert Your Administrative Tax Burden Into Real Business Value
How To Best Manage Your Business’s Payroll Taxes
How To Spot, Claim and Maximize Your Tax Deductions

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