MEd,RN,BN,Barbara Fry

Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Manager

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Clinical Nurse Managers face a multitude of challenges daily: managing a budget, interpersonal conflicts among staff, policy and structural changes, and many more. Using the concise “Fast Facts” format, this guide provides quick access to insights, strategies, and tools for resolving some of today's most challenging issues for nurse managers.
This book delineates the roles and responsibilities of clinical nurse managers in the rapidly changing healthcare system. It also provides useful strategies for creating a healthier work environment, which improves rate retention. Readers will learn to initiate institutional change, manage resistance to change, lead staff through times of fear and anxiety, manage the multigenerational workforce, and much more. With this book, nurse managers will develop a renewed confidence in both themselves and their staff.
Key Topics Presents a wide range of guidelines for dealing with staff issues, including conflicts among staff members, low morale, poor attitudes, and more Includes new, innovative perspectives on management, such as the importance of taking risks and the benefits of having a sense of humor Provides tips for maintaining work-life balance, managing responsibilities at work, home and in the community Incorporates the author's own experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs as a nurse manager.
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