M. William Phelps

The Killing Kind

The New York Times bestselling author of Obsessed examines the lives of a South Carolina serial killer and his victims in this true-crime story.
Heather Catterton was a beautiful, beloved seventeen-year-old when her body was found in the brush by a country road in South Carolina. Sweet-natured Randi Saldana's remains were then discovered, charred and unrecognizable, in a wooded area nearby. Bestselling investigative journalist M. William Phelps delves into the lives of Danny Hembree's victims and reconstructs the twisting path from his horrifying crimes to his high-profile trial and conviction. Drawing on interviews with the killer himself, Phelps chillingly brings readers into the mind of a murderer.
Praise for The Killing Kind
“Phelps focuses on unrepentant killer Danny Hembree . . . [who] seizes the chance to take center stage with lurid confessions of a decades-long career of violent robbery, assault, rape, and murder . . .. Fans of the authors Discover TV series, Dark Minds, will be rewarded.” —Publishers Weekly
Includes sixteen pages of dramatic photos
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