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Favourite Cookies

A delightful biscuit offensive!

Whether you want them chocolatey or nutty, crisp and delicate, with a jam filling or colourfully decorated – there's everything here for friends of traditional German Christmas baking with cinnamon stars and vanilla crescents, as well as those looking for new and original Christmas baking ideas. These small, sweet nothings make great nibbles and look good on any colourful tray of biscuits. They go well with a quick espresso or a relaxed and leisurely coffee morning. They're so varied, so you'll never get bored. Try out our huge range of recipes and discover new favourites.

– It's biscuit city: all kinds of favourite classics and trendy, modern recipes from all over the world.
– Loads of recipes for a colourful platter: from crisp, soft and delicate ones to fruity ones or others made with a complete range of aromatic spices
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