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A Student Cookbook

Student canteens are outdated!

Eating in the student canteen every day? No thanks! This book is just what you need: our recipes make cooking easy, and what you cook yourself will naturally taste so much better than canteen food. With a few simple ingredients you can conjure up dishes that cost next-to-nothing, in no time at all. They'll help you get through lectures, delight your housemates, are great for parties and may even sometimes taste like the dishes mother or grandmother used to make.
Small snacks to eat in between meals and on the go, handy tips to help you survive the student budget, simple ideas for parties and groups, classic and international favourites for everyone, recipes to impress on that special occasion, and sweet dishes for the soul: this book will meet all your culinary needs.

— Everyday recipes for the student and house parties
— Easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions with every recipe
— Great photo with every recipe
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