Bruce Arnold,Jason O'Toole

Fianna Fáil : The End of the Party

The Election of February 2011 will be remembered for the defeat and virtual annihilation of Fianna Fáil.
Stripped of power in humiliating circumstances, the party was disgraced, possibly to the point of no return. The story of how this happened is a mixture of farce and tragedy. The collective leadership of the party lost touch with reality and watched, as though mesmerised, while Brian Cowen led them from one catastrophic mistake to another.
He was aided in this by Brian Lenihan, Minister for Finance, whose mistakes were among the worst ever made by the holder of this crucial office.
Fianna Fáil demolished itself in the eyes of the electorate due to its entanglement with property and banking scandals, inept decisions and gross mismanagement of the most profitable time ever enjoyed by the Irish people.
Two journalists with inside knowledge of the events and extensive experience of politics over many years have joined their talents to write this gripping story.
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