Guinevere De La Mare

I'd Rather Be Reading

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For anyone who'd rather be reading than doing just about anything else, this ebook is the ultimate must-have. In this visual ode to all things bookish, readers will get lost in page after page of beautiful contemporary art, photography, and illustrations depicting the pleasures of books. Artwork from the likes of Jane Mount, Lisa Congdon, Julia Rothman, and Sophie Blackall is interwoven with text from essayist Maura Kelly, bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, and award-winning author and independent bookstore owner Ann Patchett. Rounded out with poems, quotations, and aphorisms celebrating the joys of reading, this lovingly curated compendium is a love letter to all things literary, and the perfect thing for bookworms everywhere.
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Chronicle Books LLC


    Ramesh Lділиться враженнямторік

    Chronicles of reading. If you’re a book lover, pick up this book. The pictures also make this book worthwhile!


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    If reading is a treat for you, it’s a good idea to make time for it.
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    Literature doesn’t just make us smarter, however; it makes us us, shaping our consciences and our identities.
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    Joseph Brodsky said in his acceptance speech for the 1987 Nobel Prize in Literature, “Though we can condemn . . . the persecution of writers, acts of censorship, the burning of books, we are powerless when it comes to [the worst crime against literature]: that of not reading the books. For that . . . a person pays with his whole life . . . a nation . . . pays with its history.”

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