Pat Morgan

The Secrets of the Freemasons

Mention the word Freemason and you are bound to get a reaction. Nobody is neutral on the subject – some people hold this ancient organization responsible for all the world's wrongs while others see it simply as a benign entity working for the common good.

The Secrets of the Freemasons strips away the centuries-old layers of mystique and misunderstanding to offer an informed yet entertaining insight into the organization's origins, beliefs, practices and rituals. There's a look too at the many famous people who are or have been Freemasons – from Sir Winston Churchill to the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

During its 800-year history, Freemasonry has been linked to scandalous acts of deceit, bribery, and even murder. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, The Secrets of the Freemasons examines the evidence behind the allegations and comes to its own definitive conclusions, while providing a straight-talking appraisal of Freemasonry's continuing influence.
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