Sharon Ann Holgate

Nuclear Fusion

'Holgate guides us expertly and with a deft touch along the journey towards the holy grail of unlimited energy for all.' — JIM AL-KHALILI
'What is nuclear fusion? In clear and accessible language, this book explains the basics and the hope for the future. A valuable addition to the Hot Science series.' — JOHN GRIBBIN
Could the Sun hold the key to a future of clean energy?
Since the 1950s, scientists have attempted to harness nuclear fusion — the process that creates the Sun's energy — to generate near-limitless amounts of electricity.
But the fact that we still have no fusion power plants is testament to the complexities of the challenge. Now, the deepening climate crisis means that researchers around the world are in a race to create a mini-Sun here on Earth. The glittering prize is an energy source that emits no greenhouse gases and could solve energy equity and supply issues at a stroke.
Sharon Ann Holgate, a former Young Professional Physicist of the Year, tells the compelling story of the ongoing scientific quest for a revolutionary new era of green energy production.
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