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Kennedy Fox

Checkmate: This is Effortless (Drew & Courtney, #2)

Courtney Bishop is as sugary sweet as her famous blueberry muffins.
Southern belle at heart, Cali girl by choice.
She barged into my life and easily became my best friend. All was great as roommates and just friends, but then I fell for the girl who could chop firewood, deliver baby calves, and bail hay without breaking a sweat. She’s the perfect mixture of sugar and spice, and I love her.
Being more than friends and trying to build our future isn't as easy as it sounds. Moving forward and creating memories is all I want for us, but when the past continues to come back and haunt me, I'm not so sure she’ll stay for the ride.
Loving her is easy, but losing her will break me. Burning passion combined with an undeniable chemistry constantly pushes and pulls us together. In the end, I'll prove we’re worth the fight, even when the game is far from over.
Checkmate, Sweetheart.
This is book 2 in the Drew & Courtney duet and must be read in order. 
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Kennedy Fox Books, LLC
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    I’m a good girl who dates guys that are sweet in the streets and bad in the sheets.
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    No matter how much time we spend together, it never feels like enough. I want him—all day and night—all the time. I can confidently say I’m marrying my best friend, and I know it’s only going to get better from here.
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    It’s not until she lifts it and takes it in her hand does she see the engagement ring sitting on top. “Oh my God.” Her body stills and we all wait in silence as she finally turns around and sees I’m down on one knee. “What are you doing?” she asks as tears surface in her eyes.
    “Sweetheart...there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for putting you in my life at a time when I needed it the most—even when I didn’t realize it—you were always the one. You know me better than anyone, you’re my best friend, and the love of my life. I’ll even go as far as saying my soul mate. This past year hasn’t been easy for us, but one thing always remained. Loving you has and will always be effortless. I can’t see my life without you in it—nor would I ever want to—and there’s nothing in the world that’d make me happier than you becoming my wife.”
    “Oh my God,” she cries out, covering her mouth with her hands. I can tell she’s smiling by the way her cheeks lift to her eyes.
    “Courtney Rose-Marie Bishop, will you marry me and make all my dreams come true?”
    She nods her head furiously before any words come out. I stand up and wrap my arms around her before she finally says the word just loud enough for me to hear—yes. I cup her cheeks and bring her mouth to mine, kissing her fiercely as tears of joy fall down her cheeks.
    “You’ve just made me the fucking happiest man alive,” I whisper against her lips. “I love you so much.”
    She swiftly wipes under her eyes and whispers back against my lips, “I love you, too. I can’t believe we’re engaged!”
    “Oh, wait.” I pull away briefly, grabbing the muffin from her hand and pulling the ring out. “We have to make it official,” I say with a grin. I brush the excess muffin off the band and grab her hand to slide it on her ring finger.
    “Wrong hand,” she whispers.
    She quickly swaps her hands out and places the left one in my palm. Viola and Kayla chuckle softly behind us and I play it off as I totally did that on purpose. I watch as she smiles and I slide the ring onto her beautiful ring finger. I hold her hand in mine and place a kiss against her knuckles. I flash a wink at her before holding our arms up in the air and turning us around to face everyone watching.
    “She said yes!” I scream and everyone erupts into applause and cheers. “The future Mrs. Fisher.” I wrap my arms back around her and kiss the hell out of her. “I love you, sweetheart. More than I ever thought was possible.”

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