Brett Garcia Rose

Losing Found Things

“We're all broken, and the scars we trade are all that remain of our fragile, once complex lives.”

Losing Found Things is the raw, unforgettable debut collection of fifteen short stories from award-winning writer and novelist Brett Garcia Rose, who takes readers past what lies on the surface and into the darkest corners of human experience.

A young man boards a cruise ship planning to jump, and finds an unlikely ally waiting at the railing. A brother and sister slip away from the moving van waiting in their driveway in order to visit their favorite place one last time. Animal rights workers break into a research facility, but the rescue doesnÔÇÖt go as planned. A therapist with her own issues answers suspicious questions about a one night stand. An artist tries to hold onto his fragile, impossibly beautiful model girlfriend as fame pulls her away.

Couples watch the gathering twilights of their love, armed men wait in the woods, lonely people disappear in crowded clubs and city streets. This is the stark world of Brett Garcia Rose, who greets readers with his own autobiographical story ÔÇ£The Spoken World,ÔÇØ which has appeared in multiple anthologies, was nominated for both Best of the Net and The Pushcart Prize, and won the Fiction Attic Short Memoir
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    Menna Abu Zahraцитує7 місяців тому
    “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

    Douglas Adams
    Palatium Booksцитує5 років тому
    Sustained movement is necessary to maintain your slippery state of consciousness.
    Menna Abu Zahraцитує7 місяців тому
    The voice here is more sculptor than painter to me—words hammered into place, into the exactly suited shape and shine, and scratches.

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