Roby Jose Ciiju

Advanced Packaging Technologies For Fruits and Vegetables

The book begins with a short narration of current packaging practices followed by present day horticulture industry. After pointing out the disadvantages of some of the current practices, the author categorically states that we do not need to religiously follow traditional packaging practices if we are serious about curtailing the supply chain loss of fruits and vegetables. The author goes on listing out various types of packaging materials that are available today before addressing the major theme of the book, i.e. ‘Modern Innovations in Packaging Materials and Packaging Technologies’. MAP films, MIP films and active and intelligent packing materials are described in detail under this topic. Manufacturing process of polymer-based packing materials is also described for the better understanding of the reader. The author then elaborates on how to select a suitable packing material for your horticultural produce. Major two parameters that are to be considered are packing material properties and product-specific properties. The author makes a reference of various packaging designs and packaging standards also for those who are interested in these topics. According to the author advanced packaging technologies such as modified atmosphere packaging, modified interactive packaging, active and intelligent packaging, TBG technology and packaging technology for microwaveable containers are going to make a big difference in the way how highly perishable fruits and vegetables are packed and consumed. Finally, the author gives a short narration of various types of packaging machines that are available today and also lists out major global suppliers of packaging solutions for horticulture industry.
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