Boye Lafayette De Mente

Women of the Orient

From the hair color and style, body-type, shape to etiquette and level of femininity of Asian women, Boye de Mente takes the reader into full detail with Women of the Orient chapters including:The women of JapanThe women of KoreaThe women of Taiwan & Hong KongThe women of ThailandThe Women of VietnamAnd lastly the Women of the PhilippinesIn Women of the Orient, Boye De Mente, reveals Asia's exotic cities and explores the unique character and charms of some of the world's most feminine women. Learn how hot-tempered Korean girls keep warm on cold winter nights, what kind of hot dip is offered in Japan's so-called “Soaplands” and what goes on under the table in “Taiwan Roulette”. All of this and more is discussed in a disarmingly frank manner, providing a host of insights for all girl watchers, apprentice and veteran alike.
155 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Tuttle Publishing



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