Jessica Greiner

How to Analyze People

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    Only one corner of the mouth is pulled up and back on one side.

    • The eyes remain neutral.

    • This is the only expression that forms on only one side of the face.

    • It can vary in intensity. The depth of the emotion can vary. At its strongest, one eyebrow may lower.

    • The lower eyelid can rise on the same side.
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    The fight or flight response is not the result of reasoning and logic, but that of intuition—that inner voice that dictates our actions in any given set of circumstances.
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    We know that our brain is working out a decision when you can literally hear yourself think.
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    The area of the brain with the most votes wins and the decision is made in their favor.
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    When it comes to intuition, decisions and actions are often performed without any logical reasoning or thought process but rather on a “gut feeling” they may have about a certain environment
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    often point out that what we think is intuition is simply a rational person who is conscious of his environment and the impact it has on his surroundings.
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    Understanding how neurotransmitters can impact a person’s behavior and can be one of the key components of being able to read people successfully. Since the chemistry of the brain directs much of our activities, whether voluntary in involuntary, understanding this can help us understand the other people we interact with.
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    Controls the glucose metabolism and the amount of energy the body consumes. When there is not enough of it, depression develops, and it can affect the muscles and heart rate. Sometimes referred to as adrenaline, it can also increase stress levels in the body.
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    lack of dopamine can cause a person to lose the ability to concentrate, focus, or coordinate movements and too much of it can result in severe psychological disorders like schizophrenia.
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    The neurotransmitter serotonin is responsible for regulating a person’s inner drive. This can affect anything from their appetite and sex drive to their impulsive and aggressive behavior. When there is not enough serotonin, depression can set in along with a host of anxiety disorders.
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