S.K. Moore,Gloria Neufeld Redekop,Karen Hamilton,Brigitte Gagnon,Katherine Peil Kauffman,Patrice Brodeur,Catherine Twin,Cecil Chabot,Iman Ibrahim,Isaa,Joseph Cleyn,Lauren Michelle Levesque,Petra Steinmair-Pösel,Robert Logie,Sue-Anne Hess


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Global crises—from pandemics to climate change—demonstrate the vulnerability of the biosphere and each of us as individuals, calling for responses guided by creative analysis and compassionate reflection. Transforming, building on its companion volume, Awakening, explores actions that create paths of understanding and collaboration as the groundwork for transformative community. The community of scholars in this volume offers perspectives that collectively form a complex tapestry of resources. The volume engages with the complex range of challenges and possibilities across a variety of sectors, and provides an interdisciplinary approach to the prospects for transformative healing of human and non-human communities, and the global environment we inhabit. Spirituality is essential to this, and, as such, the work explores vital dimensions of emerging spiritual concepts, methods, and practices that harbor interfaith potential for genuine reconciliation and communion.

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