Deborah L.Price

Money Magic

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Making, keeping, and enjoying money isn't just about investments, salaries, inheritances, or dividends, according to Deborah Price. It's also about the games people play around money and their character type in relation to it. In Money Magic, Price shows how to transform your relationship with money to obtain the wealth you desire. The book is structured around eight “types”: the Innocent (the ostrich approach); the Victim (blaming circumstances); the Warrior (conquering money); the Martyr (always rescuing someone); the Fool (gambler looking for a windfall); the Creator/Artist (regarding money as evil); the Tyrant (controlling through money); and the Magician (benefitting spiritually and financially from money). The Magician is the book's ideal, and Price offers exercises to help readers attain it.

Describes eight money types, and offers quizzes to determine your type.

Shows readers how to stop making fear-based money choices.
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152 паперові сторінки
Дата публікації оригіналу
New World Library

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    Once you have completed the lists for your parents (and any other significant relatives), create a list that describes how you see your relationship with money. What characteristics, energies, and attitudes about money do you possess?
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    In therapy she learned to address her anger and feelings of betrayal and began to see how those feelings prevented her from taking responsibility for herself. She had been playing the same tape over and over in her

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