Basil Moore

How To Analyze People

In this book, you will learn how to decipher body language, break down others fears, values, beliefs, and attitudes, and understand the driving force behind people's actions.
With How to Analyze People, you will discover what your moving toward and away from values are, what determines whether these values are fulfilled, and also how they intertwine with the Human Needs. You will also learn the 3 basic elements of practical psychology, what someone's music taste says about them, and will be provided practical exercises at the end of each chapter to follow through on.
Furthermore, this book will teach you about:

Transactional Analysis and How it Can Benefit You
The 5 Rules That WILL Make Your Life Miserable
The Stroke Economy
Bottom Lines and How They Dictate Your Life Even Though You Had No Say in Them – Until Now!
What The Four Primal and Two Spiritual Needs are in Your Life
Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Yourself to Analyze Others Accurately
Macro versus Micro Facial Expressions
Cold Reading People at First Glance
The Winner's Triangle and The Drama Triangle

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