Barbara Celeste McCloskey

Finding Gessler

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Edward Gessler had it all—wealth, good looks, and charisma. As he finished his Ph.D. in law in Berlin, Dora Bach fell in love with him, and an unplanned pregnancy pulled the two of them into marriage.
They settled in her hometown of Warsaw, but in 1939, they were pulled apart by war. The Nazis invaded Poland while Edward was in Paris on business. All efforts to get news about his family failed. Edward could only assume his Jewish wife and children had been imprisoned or worse.
Through a series of events, Edward became a British double agent to avenge his family’s fate. After the war, he was finally able to conduct a search and face the truth about his family.
At the same time, Edward’s eldest son, David, started a search of his own after high school graduation. He traveled to Israel to live on a kibbutz established by Poles to begin looking for his father.
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