Cecelia Ahern

The Year I Met You (Cecelia Ahern)

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*Winner of the Irish Popular Fiction Book of the Year*
A thoughtful, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel from this uniquely talented author
The year that changed my life. For Jasmine, losing her job felt like losing everything.
The year I found home. With a life built around her career and her beloved sister Heather, suddenly her world becomes the house and garden she has hardly seen and the neighbours she has yet to meet.
The year I met you. But being fired is just the beginning for Jasmine. In the year that unfolds she learns more about herself than she could ever imagine — and more about other people than she ever dreamed. Sometimes friendship is found in the most unexpected of places.
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    makes me think of anyone who is trying to grow where something, even a part of themselves, has died. We all experience that sickness. It is better to move, uproot ourselves and start afresh; then we will flourish
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    I helped you help me, you helped me to help you, that’s the way it must be or the very idea of help would be obsolete. I always thought that being helped was a loss of control, but you must allow someone to help you, you must want someone to help you, and only then can the act begin.
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    This is about you and me, our fall and rise with the seasons, and about what happened when one door closed for both of us. I don’t know if I would be this woman now if it weren’t for you, and you may not even think you did anything. Most people in life don’t have to actively do anything to change us, they simply need to be. I reacted to you. You affected me. You helped me. You were the oddest friendship, the kindest loaned ear.

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