Brian Clegg

Interstellar Tours

'Strap in and enjoy the ride!' JOHN GRIBBIN
'A window seat on a flight to our galaxy's sites of outstanding beauty' MARCUS CHOWN, AUTHOR OF THE ONE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW

'A refreshing new look at our own corner of space' HENRY GEE, WINNER OF THE 2022 ROYAL SOCIETY TRIVEDI SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE
'Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime' PHILIP BALL, AUTHOR OF THE BOOK OF MINDS AND BEYOND WEIRD

Take a voyage into space to explore the wonders of the galaxy and beyond.
With award-winning science writer Brian Clegg as your deep space guide, step on board the starship Endurance and marvel at the fascinating sights of deepest, darkest space.
Although our vessel is fictional, the phenomena you will visit, from the vast nebulae that are birthplaces of stars to stellar explosions in vast supernovas, creating the elements necessary for life — or from the planets of other solar systems to the unbelievably supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way — all reflect the best picture current science has to offer.
Accompanying Interstellar Tours is an online gallery with over fifty images and videos in full colour, each directly accessible from the page using QR codes.
It may never be possible to undertake a voyage through the stars for real. But with Interstellar Tours, you can enjoy the ultimate cruise across the Milky Way.
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