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Dr Bernard C. Lamb is President of the Queen's English Society and is a published author. The Queen's English Society is a registered charity which has become a recognized authority on 'proper' English.
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Michael O'Mara


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    Книга содержит не только грамматические правила, но и советы по употреблению английского языка в различных ситуациях.


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    It really pays to build up your vocabulary for understanding the words which others use, and for your own use.
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    A professor once told his tutees:

    ‘Write English just as you please.

    Grammatical rules

    Are simply for fools,

    And spelling is only for bees.’

    His colleague said: ‘No. To excel

    You’ve got to use English so well;

    If you know how it works

    You can cope with its quirks

    And write books which can easily sell.’
    clarity, correctness, consistency, conciseness and completeness

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