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What Not to Write - A Guide to the Dos and Don’ts of Good English (New & Updated)

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This is a pocket-sized, information-packed and entertaining guide that has been compiled on the basis of long experience in helping people produce documents written in good English, with the underlying message that simple English is the best English. “What not to Write” deals with all those awkward issues — acronyms, ambiguity, American-English, bureaucratese, business English, captions, cliches, grammar, hyphens, jargon, punctuation, quotations, sexist writing, spelling, writing letters and much, much more. Writing English should be a pleasure and although there are rules and conventions, as this book shows, they should be used as a foundation on which to build the confidence to explore the richness and versatility of the language and to put the message across, clearly and simply, in a way that will capture the reader’s attention. This handy reference book will be a vital tool for anyone working with the written word, particularly those who write client/company reports, theses, professional papers — students and professionals alike will benefit from having a copy to hand.

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    These don’t mean the same thing. ‘Effectively’ means ‘with effect’ or ‘with impact’. ‘In effect’ means ‘more or less’ or ‘had the same effect’. * The software was effectively promoted. The meeting ended, in effect, when drinks were served.
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    Don’t use ‘due to’ instead of ‘because of’. Use ‘due to’ only when it means ‘owed to’, ‘attributable to’ or ‘scheduled to’. * She arrived late because of a delayed train (not She arrived late due to a delayed train). A month’s salary was due to the secretary. The campaign’s success was due to good team work. The books are due to arrive soon.
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    The order for a date: day month year (with no commas). * 25 August 2004 (not 25th August, 2004 or August 25th, 2004). In American-English, the month precedes the day, hence the common term ‘9/11’ referring to 11 September 2001.

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