Michael Lewis

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt

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#1 New York Times Bestseller — With a new Afterword

"Guaranteed to make blood boil." —Janet Maslin, New York Times

In Michael Lewis's game-changing bestseller, a small group of Wall Street iconoclasts realize that the U.S. stock market has been rigged for the benefit of insiders. They band together—some of them walking away from seven-figure salaries—to investigate, expose, and reform the insidious new ways that Wall Street generates profits. If you have any contact with the market, even a retirement account, this story is happening to you.
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W. W. Norton & Company

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    In August 2013, the Goldman automated trading system generated a bunch of crazy and embarrassing trades that lost Goldman hundreds of millions of dollars (until the public exchanges agreed, amazingly, to cancel them).
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    The 1987 stock market crash set in motion a process—weak at first, stronger over the years—that has ended with computers entirely replacing the people.
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    “When something becomes obvious to you,” he said, “you immediately think surely someone else is doing this.”

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