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The Sanctity of Hate

A MEDIEVAL MYSTERY: On a remote East Anglian coast stands Tyndal Priory, home to a rare monastic order where men and women live and work together in close proximity. Twenty-year-old Eleanor of Wynethorpe has been appointed prioress by Henry III over the elected choice of the priory itself. Young and inexperienced, Eleanor will face a grave struggle – in a place dedicated to love and peace, she will find little of either.

SANCTITY OF HATE: Summer, 1276: Tyndal Priory is peaceful – or was until the corpse of a deceitful and unpopular man is found floating in the millpond. The list of suspects is long, but the villagers of Tyndal are certain they know who the killer is. They demand that a Jew made homeless by King Edward's Statute of the Jewry is hanged for the crime. While the lynch mob gathers, Prioress Eleanor has to ask herself why are they so keen to convict a stranger – a refugee only stopped in the village while his wife gives birth – for the murder of a man none of them could stand?

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