Roly Weaver

Retire Early Retire Wealthy

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Roly Weaver quit his 'day-job' as a Chartered Civil Engineer at the age of 50 in March 2008 – fulfilling his long standing dream 'to retire early'. He was able to do this because in 2002, along with his wife Rachel, he started investing in UK property; he bought family houses and rented them out. By March 2008, the income from his property portfolio exceeded his salary. He had become financially independent. Self taught, using his professional skills, and learning from early mistakes, he designed his own robust rules, systems and processes to become a professional and successful property investor. Roly's passion is to help people, through his education and mentoring programmes, to accomplish the financial independence he has achieved; so they too, do not have to rely on others to provide them with a salary or pension. They can choose to 'Retire Early Retire Wealthy'. This book encourages you to take control of your own financial future and provides you with the techniques to do this. You will learn how to: create wealth and become financially independent, be in control of your pension and not have to rely on others, invest in UK property in a professional and safe way using Roly's proven methods and strategies, manage your money so that you can invest in assets, knowing that assets put money in your pocket rather than taking it out, create your investment pot, avoid the pitfalls awaiting inexperienced property investors, invest in property from the comfort of your own home without creating another job.

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