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Judika Illes

Magic When You Need It

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Many spells and charms can take days or even weeks to complete. In Magic When You Need It, Judika Illes offers a collection of super-powered magic to help you right now. Is your career in a slump? Are you being visited by ghosts? Short on cash? Magic When You Need It can help with these problems and more. Divided into four sections: Money and Career; Love, Sex, Marriage, and Children; Home; and Trouble, Magic When You Need It offers 150 spells to help you find a job, meet your soul mate, protect your home, and many more common (and not so common) predicaments. Using simple instructions and ingredients that can be found in your pantry, combined with easy to find magical oils and botanicals, Illes blends Old World and modern magic to provide the reader with safe, effective magical remedies for many of life's troubles. Carry this book in your purse, your car, or keep it on your kitchen counter for accessible magic year round.
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  • Christina Marieцитує7 років тому
    brown paper specified in many spells; buy a pack of lunch bags or use supermarket shopping bags that you've cut to size.
  • Christina Marieцитує7 років тому
    book's spells suggest invocations or incantations. Use them if they feel comfortable and natural for you, and if they accurately convey your sentiments. It's crucial that you never feel silly, self-conscious or foolish at any point during your spell. Change the words if you like, so that they more accurately and intensely express your desires. Speak simply, clearly, and concisely. Your words need not wax poetic or rhyme.
  • Christina Marieцитує7 років тому
    hese components include colors, numbers, words, stones and botanicals, plus the elements: Air, earth, fire, and water.
    Words hold tremendous power: choose them carefully and thoughtfully. Some of this

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