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Kawser Ahmed,Patrick Belanger,Susan Szmania

Community-Focused Counter-Radicalization and Counter-Terrorism Projects

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Following the launch of the global war on terror, western nations commissioned multiple community focused projects aimed at preventing terrorism and countering violent extremism. With an understanding that a comprehensive approach entails both proactive counter-radicalization measures and rehabilitation initiatives, these community-based projects typically aim to build resiliency and enhance prevention capacity within specific communities. This book focuses on the perceptions and experiences of twenty-nine community-based counter-radicalization project leaders in eight western countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, and France. By closely examining these efforts across multiple national contexts and in diverse communities, this book examines the challenges and opportunities of community-focused projects as identified by such projects’ leaders. At the book’s heart are interviews about community engagement and experience from the people most closely attuned to this vital work. By highlighting the importance of listening to community members, the book offers a rare chance to directly hear community members’ ideas, frustrations, and hopes.
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