Linda Lael Miller

For All Eternity

A time-traveling vampire falls for a Civil War doctor in this erotic romance from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author.
Fleeing the pain of losing her vampire twin to human mortality, Maeve Tremayne uses her powers to travel to the past, where she wanders the blood-soaked battlefields and hospitals of the American Civil War, relieving dying young men from their pain with the kiss of death. There, she meets a mortal doctor named Calder Holbrook, who immediately falls under her spell—and she reluctantly falls under his.
But Maeve cannot concern herself with mortal love when she is called upon to do battle against the reigning vampire queen. Now she must navigate brutal wars of both human and immortal making, even as her hunger for Calder grows stronger. Soon she is unable keep her life in the underworld a secret from the good doctor. But drawing Calder deeper into her dark mission puts him at greater risk. Unless she asks him to join her for all eternity with one deadly kiss . . .
Part of the Black Rose Chronicles quartet, For All Eternity is paranormal romance at its best from New York Times— and USA Today–bestselling author Linda Lael Miller, author of over one hundred historical and contemporary romances.
“Miller creates characters I defy you to forget.” —Debbie Macomber
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