The Lurking Fear, Howard Lovecraft
Howard Lovecraft

The Lurking Fear

The narrator, hearing tales of a “lurking fear” upon Tempest Mountain in the Catskills, takes two men with him to investigate. They camp inside the deserted Martense mansion as a lightning storm approaches, and feeling strangely drowsy, they all fall asleep. The narrator wakes up to find both his companions missing, and in a flash of lightning sees a demonic shadow cast upon the fireplace chimney from a grotesque monster like the other one.
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Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirezділиться враженням4 роки тому

Good book, it keeps you with a bad sensation throughout the whole book


Kou Ssay
Kou Ssayцитує3 роки тому
What language can describe the spectacle of a man lost in infinitely abysmal earth; pawing, twisting, wheezing; scrambling madly through sunken convolutions of immemorial blackness without an idea of time, safety, direction, or definite object?

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