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How Everybody Can Make Money from Real Estate & Never Lose

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If you follow the book carefully, and combine it with all the other books in the Knightservice How-To-Series, you cannot miss it. They are diverse in content and touch so many deep parts of the real estate industry. You are immediately guided by the principles that are so well explained in the books and that way, you gain strength to carry on useful investment. Most of the things you read are not about feeling or sentiment. They are about core principles and many of the things that are taught from the books are clearly based on time tested principles. When you understand principles, you will drive out fear because you now believe those principles work. And once you drive out fear, you take on the drivers' seat and based on your clearer understanding of these principles, you begin to gain mastery. Where you are not yet fully accustomed with the workings of the principles, you can test them in little ways in the shortest possible time. Once you experience them as true, and prove that they are good for you to try on broader investments, you can go on to profitable dealings.
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