Gertrude Swanson

The Anxiety and Panic Attacks Toolbox of Cures

«It’s Not Right That You Still Worry And Suffer From Anxiety, When So Many People Have Cured Themselves From It»

This book gives you the different tools anyone can do so that you can control your anxiety. This book has all the best information and most practical advice on how to master your anxiety. It will help you get rid of any kind of anxiety issues you may be facing, once and for all!
Fantastic and proven methods for relieving anxiety and stress. This program is easy to follow and effective in overcoming a variety of anxiety issues, including panic attacks, social phobia, and more.

In this book you'll learn about:

Stress Management

The Four Common Types of Stress

Identifying Your Anxiety Type

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD


The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice

Using Breathing Techniques to Reduce Anxiety

Reducing Anxiety by Taking Control of Your Thoughts

How to calm down quickly using breathing techniques

Anxiety Management in Daily Life

Techniques for Getting Calm and Relieving Anxiety in an Instant

Practice gratitude

How to Handle Negative Thoughts

Understanding your feelings and emotions

How Sleep Can Help You Stop Worry and Anxiety

Acknowledging your own emotions

Meditation and Yoga

Rituals for Sleeping

Foods to Stay Away From

Regain Control of Your Life by Changing Your Habits

Good foods to calm you down

And much, much more…

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