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God's Minute – A Book Of 365 Daily Prayers

This little volume is sent forward with the prayer that it may assist many Christian people whose early religious training, education and experience have not been such as to enable them to give reverent expression to their spiritual needs, and this book is aimed to aid all such to formulate their thoughts, and train them along devotional lines. The arrangement of the prayers in calendar form should prove a constant reminder to them of their privilege to talk to their Heavenly Father at the beginning of every day.

No printed prayer can always present the individual soul wants, but some of the most effective prayers are the printed ones. Those by the Psalmist have been appropriated by many who found in them the spiritual expression of their soul's inmost needs.

Some may claim that they have no time for such worship. It requires only 25 seconds to repeat the model prayer that our Lord taught His disciples. The name given to this volume, “God's Minute,” conveys the idea that these prayers of about two hundred words in length will require about a minute to give each reverent expression.

Every contributor, representative of both the religious and the intellectual forces in the English speaking world in the pulpit and in the pew, did his work willingly and gratuitously, so that the volume could be sold at a price within the reach even of people with humble means.

May God bless every reverent user of this little volume, and the many good people who have so generously aided us in making its publication possible.
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