OJ Modjeska

In Cold Blood

A collection of three true crime titles by OJ Modjeska, now available in one volume!

Ace In The Hole: A glamorous Hollywood actress and playwright seeks the insights of a notorious serial killer. But what starts as research for her new play quickly spirals into a twisted obsession as she underestimates the killer's charm. Love and madness intertwine, blurring the lines between fiction and reality, as the killer challenges her devotion in a deadly game mirroring her own play. From the author of 'Gone: Catastrophe In Paradise' and the acclaimed 'Murder by Increments' series, Ace In The Hole uncovers an astonishing true story of obsession and deception in American true crime history.

Happy Land — A Lover's Revenge: Step into the harrowing aftermath of one of the deadliest fires in American history. As the annual Punta Carnivale celebrations turn into a horrific inferno, 87 party-goers perish in a matter of minutes, trapped and suffocated before the flames even reach them. But this devastating disaster is no accident. In this gripping true story, detectives uncover the chilling truth: an arsonist with a sinister motive is behind the tragedy. Happy Land reveals the dark underbelly of violence against women and the plight of the vulnerable, reminding us of the consequences of societal indifference. Prepare to be shaken by this haunting tale, which sheds light on a forgotten chapter of New York's history.

A City Owned: In the twisted underbelly of Los Angeles, a series of gruesome crimes shocks the city. As the police investigation unfolds, a chilling realization dawns: the perpetrator may be one of their own. Amidst the chaos, an arrest provides a breakthrough, but the suspect claims no memory of the crimes. Is he a mentally ill man tormented by a sinister alter ego, or is there something more sinister at play?
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