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101 Dog Training Tips

When you have a problem with your dog, you need answers fast. That's why 101 Dog Training Tips is an essential book for any dog owner.Every aspect of training your companion dog is covered, including:* Laying a good training foundation * Housetraining * Greeting people * Everyday obedience * Coming when called * Leash walking * Barking * Being alone * Handling vet trips * Chewing * What to do if things go wrong * Attitude and perspective *Each of 101 Dog Training Tips' clear, easy-to-understand explanations will make you a better trainer, so you'll have a better-trained dog. Whether you're just getting started or are an experienced dog owner looking for fresh ideas, you'll find exactly what you need from the first to the hundred-and-first tip.
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    Give your dog plenty of at-home practice being handled the way veterinary professionals handle dogs. Pretend you’re giving her an examination. Touch and hold your dog’s feet. Look in her ears. Combine your “exam” with lots of pets and treats so that your dog learns that being handled that way is fun and pleasant.

    tip 50. Remember your treats on trips to the vet
    A great way to make a trip to a vet a positive experience is to bring along some treats. Feed them to your dog throughout the visit. You might also want to have the veterinary staff offer treats as well.

    tip 51. Don’t be afraid to switch vets
    Veterinarians are human. Each handles their canine patients a little differently. Not every dog is going to do well with a given vet.

    You are your dog’s protector and advocate. If you suspect your vet isn’t a good match for your dog, find a new vet who is able to make exams a more positive experience for your dog.
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    tip 48. On vet trips, make the positive outweigh the negative
    Veterinarians and their staff poke and prod. They deliver vaccinations and sometimes oral medications. They expect dogs to do things, like stand on high metal tables, which may seem strange or upsetting.

    Your job is to make sure lots of nice things happen, too. What does your dog find most rewarding? Find ways to incorporate rewarding experiences into your vet visits. That way, the dog will associate trips to the vet with positive, instead of negative, experiences.

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