Daniel Wong

The Happy Student

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The Happy Student is written by a student for students. Daniel Wong doesnt have a PhD in education or psychology, but his transformation from unhappy overachiever to happy straight-A student has given him unique insight into what motivates students intrinsically. By sharing with readers his personal story and the five-step program he has developed, unmotivated students everywhere will understand how they, too, can find deep satisfaction in the pursuit of academic success.,
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Morgan James Publishing
Nancy Chen



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    Society creates roles for us that we’re not meant to perform and we, thus, become “imprisoned.”
    Shii BBAFDцитує3 роки тому
    Learn to celebrate the small things: finishing a problem set, doing well on a test, receiving a compliment from a teacher.
    And drinking champagne
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    Motivation is a habit, not a feeling. It takes practice to nurture this habit, which will enable you to overcome even extreme lethargy and inertia.

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