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Rupert Colley

Black History: History in an Hour

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Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.
Encompassing everything from immigration to civil war, emancipation, slavery and migration, Black History in an Hour gives you a neat overview of this vast and fascinating subject.
This e-book is a superb introduction to the long and varied history of African Americans.
Know your stuff: read about Black History in just one hour.
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    one’s grandfather had voted then one was exempt from these requirements. But all black grandfathers would have been slaves and so would have been denied the vote.
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    Mississippi led the way, stating that to be eligible to vote, citizens had to be paying the poll tax, pass a literacy test, or own property.
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    And with white resentment came terrorism, and in particular, the formation of the feared Ku Klux Klan (pictured above). Founded in 1865, the KKK murdered, lynched, and whipped the Southern blacks, burnt down their homes and, at times of elections, intimidated the black vote into virtual silence

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