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Lady Colin Campbell

The Real Diana

Royal insider Lady Colin Campbell was the first to predict the Waleses' separation and divorce, in her international bestseller, Diana in Private. People magazine said of it: 'Some Palace watchers note that she has an impressive roster of well-placed contacts and credit her with writing the most believable Diana biography'; while Lynn Barber, in the Daily Telegraph, called it 'Jaw-droppingly sensational'. The Real Diana contains startling new revelations about Diana which Lady Colin Campbell has unearthed since Diana's tragic death, including new theories on her death itself. The Real Diana is based on 35 interviews with Princess Diana conducted by Lady Colin Campbell — and for the first time Lady Colin Campbell names her Royal sources.
Newly updated in 2013 with an Afterword that reveals Lady Colin's insights into the inquest into Diana's death, the years that have followed, and the birth of Prince George.
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    Both were “naïve” and “childlike,” according to many of their friends, among them Marie Helvin, Rosa Monckton and Lorraine Dillon Vidal, yet both of them were also nice people.
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    she had responsibilities as well as privileges for the first time in her life
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    They had both entered adult life ill-prepared for the pressures and hard knocks that are an inevitable part of growing up, whether you live in a slum or a palace.

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