Montana Night

Billionaire Romance: The Tycoon's Replacement Bride – Part 1

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This is a 16,000 word novelette that contains explicit adult sex scenes. “Her mouth went dry. Grant Hamilton was not for her, no matter how much she wanted him. When had it happened? When had she allowed herself to believe her own x-rated fantasy? A sane woman would leave. Self-preservation dictated it.” Amanda Cardwell's best friend Emma Baker arranges to be a mail order bride. She back out last minute so her friend Amanda steps in to save the day. After all, one look at her curvy self and the billionaire will cancel the marriage contract and that will be that. At least that was the plan. But she didn't count on the sex-factor. Now what was a fake replacement mail-order bride mix-up has turned into a very real engagement, with a real man, who wants a real marriage. But can she handle what he is about to dish out? Sometimes when you lose, you win.
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