Arnette Lamb

Border Bride

The New York Times–bestselling author “weaves a fascinating tale that incorporates Scottish history into an emotionally moving and realistic love story” (Affaire de Coeur).
Lady Alpin MacKay is in despair when she learns that, in one tyrannical, sweeping gesture, the Scottish lord Malcolm Kerr has stolen her property. Determined to reclaim her home from her childhood nemesis, she storms Kildalton Castle with a scheme to take back what’s hers.
When the beautiful Alpin arrives on Malcolm’s doorstep declaring her land—and herself—as his for the taking, he’s thrilled. At last, he has her under his thumb, right where he wants her. But as Malcolm plots his revenge, and Alpin conspires to trick him into forfeiting her land, neither of them plans for the flame of passion that ignites between them.
“Arnette Lamb ignites readers’ imaginations with her unforgettable love stories.” —RT Book Reviews
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