Jennifer Faris

Raw Food for Beginners

Raw foodists-beginners ask quite a natural question: how to make a daily list and what are three specific daily intakes recommended by naturopaths. The greatest authority for me in the field of the science of nutrition is, undoubtedly, the Herbert above Shelton, whose book is called 'School of Health,' which functioned since 1928, and healed by natural food and starvation, tens of thousands of 'dangerous' ill people. Teaching his nutrition rules, he was emphasizing that it’s important to learn the principles, and anyone may compose the menu at any time of the year and from the different available product. Let's look at his 'Orto trophy' (this word is akin to the well-known concept of ‘orthography’ (spelling) and means 'eating right').

Those who start with raw foodism, often come to realizing that nutrition, breath, movement and the action of sunlight in our body are related to each other, and become ‘naturists.’

Let this small book be a good mentor to you on a steep path to health without drugs.

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