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In the 4th, completely revised edition of this groundbreaking guide, published by an award-winning publisher, renowned experts (overview in the book preview) combine their knowledge with an interactive AI enhancement. This unique combination of decades of experience and cutting-edge technology enables you to master the challenges of life and career on a whole new level. Thanks to this innovative transfer of information, complemented by personal experiences of success, you can realize your goals and reach your full potential.
Because concentration on the essentials is crucial in our hectic everyday business life for achieving one's own goals and wishes. Concentration is the magic word when it comes to working efficiently and productively and putting plans into action, even if unforeseen events get in the way of the plan. Here, good time management, mindfulness and resilience help to overcome difficulties without fear and to reach the state of maximum concentration. This book shows how to do that.
For its concept “Information as Desired”, the publishing house was awarded the Global Business Award as Publisher of the Year and received government funding. It is also a partner of the Federal Ministry of Education. The goal of providing you with the best possible content on topics such as career, finance, management, recruiting, or psychology goes far beyond the static nature of traditional books.
The interactive AI Extended Books not only provide you with AI-optimized content in multiple languages based on data analysis but also allow you to ask individual questions and seek advice tailored to your personal interests. In each book, you will find a detailed explanation and numerous practical examples that facilitate your successful interaction with AI. This allows you to effectively utilize AI software almost for free, download e-courses, work with workbooks, or engage with an active community. In this way, you gain valuable resources that enhance your knowledge, stimulate your creativity, make your personal and professional goals achievable, and make success tangible.
Here, technical innovations and expertise go hand in hand because we take our responsibility to deliver well-researched and sound content, as well as the trust you place in us, very seriously. Therefore, we are proud that our experts work closely with advanced AI technologies. This combination of human expertise and innovation enables us to publish works that meet your requirements in every aspect.
But that's not all! We want to offer you a very special opportunity that makes your journey to personal growth and success even more unforgettable. Because we know that true change doesn't just happen in the mind but mostly through personal experiences and applications. That's why, tailored to each book, we have conceptualized special success journey experiences for you. So, be inspired and explore the possibilities that await you. Get ready to elevate your life to a new level with individual success experiences and make your dreams come true.
Moreover, by purchasing our books, you can do even more good: The publishing house commits about 5 percent of its book sales revenue to socially relevant or sustainable projects. We provide scholarships, support innovative ideas, and contribute to climate protection initiatives. Publisher Simone Janson is also a best-selling author and one of the top 10 German bloggers according to the Blogger Relevance Index. Additionally, she has been a columnist and author for renowned media outlets such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche, or ZEIT — more about her, among other things, on Wikipedia.
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