Lynn Huggins-Cooper

Spinning and Weaving

A look at the extensive history of the folkcraft, its presence in the modern world, and resources to help beginners enter the world of textile artistry.
This book offers a whistle-stop guide to the history of spinning and weaving. The story begins in prehistory when people first wove yarns to create clothing and blankets. The book explores how spinning and weaving have continued to be important throughout human history (or should that be herstory), in artistic, economic, and functional terms.
The second part of the book brings us up to date, via interviews with modern-day spinning and weaving artisans. These textiles artists generously allowed the author a window into their studios and discussed the way they use and adapt traditional methods, techniques, and tools for the twenty-first century. Photos of their work and their working environment offer a unique view into the world of this ancient craft.
Finally, if you are inspired to try your hand at this fascinating art, the book also has a resources section. It includes a valuable list of suppliers of fiber, dyes, tools, and yarn, as well as information about training courses, useful websites, and more—everything you need to get started.
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