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Sean Bennett

Bitcoin & Blockchain


2 Manuscripts – Understanding Bitcoin & Understanding Blockchain

Bitcoin has often be referred to as ‘Digital Gold’. No wonder as it continues to beat growth expectations and rise & Blockchain is the New Revolutionary Technology it is Built On.

Blockchain technology is in the news more and more these days, especially as Bitcoin becomes a growing trend. There are a growing number of online businesses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. With the growing world of Blockchain & Bitcoin, it can all seem a bit confusing.

This book is here to help you understand the various aspects of this great technology.

Within the pages of this book, you will learn:

What is Bitcoin (BTC) and how Bitcoin came about
What is Bitcoin wallet
What is Bitcoin mining, mining pool
A brief overview about Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC)
How to earn Bitcoin
How to secure your Bitcoins
Tips for Bitcoin investing and Bitcoin trading with risk management techniques
Various types of Bitcoin wallets as well as their Pros and Cons
The uses of Bitcoin currency

But that is not all! You will also learn:

The Fundamentals of Blockchain
Smart Contracts
The Story Behind Blockchain
How Blockchain Works
Main Participants in a Blockchain Transaction
Key Elements in Block Batching & Stacking
The Future that Blockchain Holds
How it Will Shape the Economy
Utilization of Blockchain and its Importance

There are endless opportunities when it comes to Blockchain & Bitcoin, so why not get involved now. It can be a great investment opportunity.  Get this book today and learn the basics of the world of Blockchain.  Start learning more about Bitcoin!

What are you waiting for?  Take control of your financial future, go ahead and purchase the book!
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    goes directly to them without any middlemen or banks.
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    Stampery, Block Notary, Crypto Public Notary, Proof of Existence, and Ascribe are examples of such organizations
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    Note: While the blockchain does contains transactional information, it is not a substitute for transaction processing, messaging technology or business forms. The blockchain only contains a confirmed ‘proof’ of transactions. Nonetheless, while blockchain basically works as a database for recording transactions, its advantages reach out far past those of a conventional database.

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