Tella Olayeri

Decoding Your Dreams Part Two

This book meets the demand of Christian soldiers, dreams in this book are interpreted in detail.

To make it easy, to cancel bad dreams and or claim good dreams, the book is loaded with Holy Spirit vomited prayers. We sleep and dream; we at times walk, sit and see vision.

All these need accurate interpretation and prayer. This is what this book stands for. As a soldier of Christ we must receive heavenly guide and be guided by God. We are his creation, for greatness and dominion.

Your dream matters a lot. It will direct your steps to greatness, signs and wonders. Dream plays vital role in life. To be on top and excel, this book is for you.

Build the habit to interpret your dreams effortlessly. Control your life even in the spirit. Your dream is one cornerstone you must guide. It is your goldmine, tap into it.

You are great!

Pick this book and march ahead as a champion.
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Tella Olayeri
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