Karen Lewis

Screen Printing at Home

Create hand-printed fabrics—and use them to make aprons, tote bags, and more!
Do you love the idea of printing your own fabrics at home but don’t know where to start? This comprehensive guide to screen printing shows you just how easy it is to create beautiful, hand-printed fabrics at your kitchen table.
Screen printing expert Karen Lewis demonstrates two screen printing techniques—stenciling and screen filler—and how they can be used to create stunning, professional results with basic, inexpensive equipment. Both techniques are explained using step-by-step text and photography.
Karen also explains how to create simple, sewn projects from your hand-printed fabrics. The sewing patterns include an apron, tote bag, and tea cozy, as well as ideas for how to print on ready-made items like tea towels to make delightful gifts for friends and family.
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