Shibaji Sankar Biswas

Blockchain in Telecom

‘Blockchain in Telecom’ delves deeper into the Blockchain architecture and its potential benefits of implementation in the telecommunications industry. This book also provides an overview of how blockchain supports 5G, IoT, Cloud, and AI/ML in telecom businesses.

The purpose of this book is to educate readers about the capabilities of Blockchain technology and how it can be used to address several complex issues in the telecommunications industry, including international roaming, inter-carrier settlement, real-time billing, spectrum allocation, managing KYC, and mobile/e-payment solutions in today's business environment. Additionally, novel revenue-generating business models, such as B2B2X, content provider, and underutilized service monetization, are discussed in length throughout this book.

Readers will benefit from reading the chapters as they establish plans for integrating Blockchain technology into the telecoms industry alongside other new technologies such as 5G and IoT, as well as AI/ML, cloud computing, and edge computing. Additionally, this book will help them in managing implementation plans through risk mitigation for implementation and migration.
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