Lisa Kleypas

Again The Magic

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She gave him her innocence . . .
Lady Aline Marsden was brought up to marry a man of her own class, but from the moment she meets John McKenna, she risks everything to be with him.
He gave her his heart
Although their love is forbidden, McKenna's passion for the beautiful Aline is too compelling to deny.
When their secret is discovered, their world is shattered. McKenna is forced to leave forever, unaware that the only reason Aline has given him up is to save him.
Now McKenna has returned, a powerful man determined to take revenge against the woman who broke his heart. But the magic between them burns as fiercely as ever . . . and as McKenna uncovers Aline's deepest secret, together they discover a love that will defy Fate itself.
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    signehenrietteділиться враженнямторік

    One of the best from Lisa Kleypas in my opinion, and an excellent novel to read before the first in the Wallflower series🙌🏼💖

    Camilla Dahl Lersøeділиться враженням2 роки тому
    🚀Неможливо відірватися

    Wauw i dident Know this book existed 🤗😍

    Helene Kierkegaardділиться враженням4 роки тому

    Næsten så god som de 4 “efterfølgere”.


    Christina Dahl Rosholmцитує3 роки тому
    Efficiently he reached beneath her skirts, smoothing up yards of layered material to find the vulnerable body beneath.
    Lucy E. Cosmeцитує4 місяці тому
    “do you know what hell is?”

    “Yes.” Her eyes overflowed. “Trying to exist with your heart living somewhere outside your body.”
    Lucy E. Cosmeцитує4 місяці тому
    . “I’ve found that imitations can sometimes become damned attractive, when one can’t afford the real thing.”

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