Baseem Khan,Pawan Singh

Writing Quality Research Papers: Brief Guidelines to enhance the quality of Research papers/ Manuscript

This book is about the thorough understanding of the essentials and the way to write the quality research papers. It explores the techniques and standard sentence formation along with grammar tenses for different sections of research papers. The text gives the methodological insight of writing the research papers and escape from the rejections on submitting them to high-quality international journals. Beginning with the way to construct the title of the research paper, how to write effective (attractive) abstract, well-explored introduction, balanced and concerned literature review, expressing the methodology used, effectively provide the result and discuss the output and finding of the research, give clear and sound concluding remarks with future implications. Presented in the simple language and motivation style, the book is ideal for all disciplines and research community. It is ideally suited for the beginners in the research, in Masters, PhD or independent research. The book provides easy and brief guidelines to format and write the sentences of different sections of research papers, research proposals and thesis. It also helps to avoid the plagarism in the text and to publish the research in high quality international journals.
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