Orison Swett Marden

The Wisdom of Orison Swett Marden Vol. II

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    ingenuity and industry.
    If you want to get rich, study yourself and your own wants. You will find millions of others have the same wants, the same demands. The safest business is always connected with men's prime necessities. They must have clothing, dwellings; they must eat. They want comforts, facilities of all kinds, for use and pleasure, luxury, education, culture. Any man who can supply a great want of humanity, improve any methods which men use, supply any demand or contribute in any way to their well-being, can make a fortune
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    It is a sorry day for a young man who cannot see any opportunities where he is, but thinks he can do better somewhere else
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    Many of us who think we are poor are rich in opportunities if we could only see them, in possibilities all about us, in faculties worth more than diamond bracelets, in power to do good.

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