James Joyce


Dubliners is a collection of picturesque short stories that paint a portrait of life in middle-class Dublin in the early 20th century. Joyce, a Dublin native, was careful to use actual locations and settings in the city, as well as language and slang in use at the time, to make the stories directly relatable to those who lived there.
The collection had a rocky publication history, with the stories being initially rejected over eighteen times before being provisionally accepted by a publisher—then later rejected again, multiple times. It took Joyce nine years to finally see his stories in print, but not before seeing a printer burn all but one copy of the proofs. Today Dubliners survives as a rich example of not just literary excellence, but of what everyday life was like for average Dubliners in their day.
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    Very moving. Wonderful stories to read

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    and this present would have roused him from his stu­pefied doze.
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    While my aunt was ladling out my stir­about he said, as if re­turn­ing to some former re­mark of his:
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    He listened while the par­oxysm of the child’s sob­bing grew less and less; and tears of re­morse star­ted to his eyes.

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